Salt Lake Gulls Baseball Club

                                                                                   Gulls Baseball Club 2016/17 Save me a SPOT!

Gulls Baseball Club Winter Registration Save me a Spot allows individuals who want to set up an EFT account to separate the total bill over a 4 month period.  The fee to do this is $100.00 and is non-refundable and does not go towards the total purchase price. Gulls Baseball Club will provide all paperwork to set up the EFT the first week of the program and the billing will start accordingly on what the individuals total purchase price.

                                                                          Gulls Baseball Club 2016/17 Speed and Agility Classes

Gulls Baseball Club Speed and And Agility classes will focus on athletic/baseball specific action to increase strength, speed, and explosiveness. As stated these classes will focus on baseball specific action but also be very valuable for players who are involved in multiple sports.  Classes will be 1 time per week for one hour.  16 total Classes at $7.81 per hour. Total Cost $125.00

Athletes will be tested 3 times during the 16 weeks to track progress.  Test will be Week 1, Week 8, and Week 16. Parents/Players will get evaluation data that will show players status among similar age as well as progress made. 

We are pleased to announce the 5th year of our Gulls Baseball Club Winter Workout Program.  A couple things have changed this year from last year.  We have separated the Baseball Winter Program and the Speed and Agility Program. These are now 2 separate classes that need to be registered for separately. They are no longer packaged together.  We will also offer this year an EFT

( Electronic Funds Transfer for people wanting to get on a monthly billing cycle ) This will allow your total bill to be billed over a 4 month period. To save you a spot there is a $100.00 Save Fee that can be registered for. What that will do is save you a spot in the program and we will set up your EFT the first week of the program. The $100.00 Fee is Non-Refundable and does not go towards total purchase price. See Below for options and Details!

                                                                     Gulls Baseball Club 2016/17 Baseball Winter Workout Program
Workouts will start last week of October 2016 and go through February 2017. Players who attend will focus on both offensive and defensive components of the game. Skill attainment will focus on the necessary tools to succeed in baseball such as fielding, hitting and arm strength. Within these components there will be several weeks spent on basic fundamentals as well as advanced practice.  In addition players will learn game situations as well as philosophy and understanding of the game which will exceed hit, run, catch.

Players will have 2.5 hours of group session a week ( 1 x 1.5 hour class, 1 x 1 hour class = 2.5 total per week ). 16 Total Weeks. 40 Total Hours of Instruction @ $11.87 per hour. Total Cost $475.00

In addition Players will get discounted rates on all Gulls Baseball Camps and Private Lessons from being registered for the Winter Workouts.